Trinity Tops Schreiner 5-0; Heads to 28th Consecutive Championship Match

Trinity Tops Schreiner 5-0; Heads to 28th Consecutive Championship Match

DENISON, Texas – The top-seeded Trinity Tigers picked up a 5-0 decision over the Schreiner Mountaineers in Saturday's semifinal to advance the SCAC Championship Match for the 28th consecutive season. Official Website l Bracket l Postmatch Interview

The Tigers swept doubles competition 3-0 and earned victories at lines one and two in singles competition to clinch the match. 

April 20, 2019 at Sherman, Texas (Russell Tennis Center)

Singles competition
1. Wilson Lambeth (TU) def. Luis Cabreja (SCH) 6-1, 6-1
2. Jordan Pitts (TU) def. Joshua Newman (SCH) 6-0, 6-2
3. Cameron Krimbill (TU) vs. Matthew Jimenez (SCH) 6-2, 5-1, unfinished
4. Wilson Hamilton (TU) vs. Andrew Albright (SCH) 6-2, 3-3, unfinished
5. Mario Gallinar (SCH) vs. Jace Akagi-Okuma (TU) no result
6. Austin Cervantes (SCH) vs. Tilden Oliver (TU) no result
Doubles competition
1. Wilson Lambeth/Jordan Pitts (TU) def. Luis Cabreja/Andrew Albright (SCH) 8-0
2. Cameron Krimbill/Artur Zigman (TU) def. Matthew Jimenez/Joshua Newman (SCH) 8-2
3. Wilson Hamilton/Christian Settles (TU) def. Juan Ortiz/Jack Johns (SCH) 8-1
Match Notes
Schreiner 6-10
Trinity (Tex.) 14-9


Trinity makes its 28th consecutive finals appearance, having won the last nine SCAC championships. The Title match will take place Sunday at 8 a.m. at the Russell Tennis Center on the Campus of Austin College where the Tigers will face Southwestern for the fifth year in a row. Meanwhile, the Mountaineers will take on Austin College in the third-place match tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. at the Smith Tennis Center in Denison, Texas. Sunday will mark the fourth time Schreiner and Austin College have met in the SCAC Tournament with the Mountaineers holding a 2-1 edge but the 'Roos winning the most recent matchup in the 2017 third-place match.