SCAC Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

The purpose of the SCAC Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is to provide student-athletes with an opportunity to present a student prospective to the leadership of the conference. It also provides for a student-athlete response to proposed NCAA or SCAC legislation and communication and networking to represent the interests of SCAC student-athletes.

SCAC Student-Athlete Advisory Committee Constitution (updated Dec. 3, 2015)

2016-17 SCAC Student-Athlete Advisory Committee Roster

Name Institution Sport E-Mail
Drew Bicknell Austin College
Football [email protected]
Erin Eckart Austin College
Women's Soccer [email protected]
Desiree Frey Centenary College
Volleyball [email protected]
Emily Harrison Colorado College
Women's Swimming [email protected]
Justin Nguyen (Vice-Chair) Colorado College
Men's Track & Field [email protected]
Keenan Gumbs Schreiner University
Men's Basketball [email protected]
Jaimie Hughes Schreiner University
Women's Golf [email protected]
Andrew Seymour Southwestern University
Men's Swimming [email protected]
Tiffany Dziuk (Chair) Texas Lutheran University
Women's Basketball [email protected]
Ben Marvin Texas Lutheran University
Baseball [email protected]
Rebecca Gordon Trinity University
Women's Basketball [email protected]
Davis King Trinity University
Football [email protected]
Charles Buxton University of Dallas
Men's Lacrosse [email protected]
Colby Madrigal University of Dallas
Women's Lacrosse [email protected]