Recent Membership Moves Stabilize SCAC

Recent Membership Moves Stabilize SCAC

SUWANEE, Ga. – With the additions of Centenary College of Louisiana, Schreiner University and, most recently, Texas Lutheran University, the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference (SCAC) has reaffirmed its status as an active NCAA Division III conference for the 2012-13 academic year and beyond.

The presidents from the six institutions who will comprise the SCAC next year met on the campus of the University of Dallas on Thursday to discuss the current state of the conference as well as the league’s future, which is considerably different – and much brighter – than it was in June of 2011.

“It has been a pleasure to work with the presidents of the other SCAC schools to pull this together,” said Austin College president Marjorie Hass, who currently serves as the chair of the SCAC Board of Directors. “Speaking on behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank our commissioner, Dwayne Hanberry, for his leadership throughout this challenging process. Knowing the league will be back at eight members in 2013-14 is satisfying for all of us.”

Austin College, Colorado College, the University of Dallas, Southwestern University and Trinity University will be joined in the SCAC by Centenary College of Louisiana in 2012-13. Schreiner University and Texas Lutheran University come aboard in 2013-14.

“Just eight short months ago, our conference was down to five members and the future was a great unknown,” said commissioner Dwayne Hanberry. “I am proud to say today that the state of the SCAC is strong and based on the inquiries we continue to receive from interested parties, possibilities exist for the league to become even stronger.”

“We achieved our initial goal of shoring up league membership,” said Hanberry, “but we will continue to seek out partners – both as core members and for sport-specific affiliate membership – where it makes sense philosophically and geographically.”

The addition of Texas Lutheran on February 16 insures that the SCAC will retain its automatic bids in nine of its 14 AQ sports, including baseball, men’s basketball, women’s basketball, softball, men’s soccer, women’s soccer, men’s tennis, women’s tennis and volleyball.

The SCAC will continue to explore its options in other AQ sports such as football, men’s golf, women’s golf, men’s lacrosse and women’s lacrosse.

Pictured from left to right: Centenary College President David Rowe, Austin College President Marjorie Hass, Southwestern University President Jake Schrum, SCAC Commissioner Dwayne Hanberry, University of Dallas President Thomas Keefe, Trinity University President Dennis Ahlburg, Colorado College President Jill Tiefenthaler