LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. -- After grabbing three of the six fall championships, Trinity University holds a large lead in the Presidents' Trophy standings.

The Texas Tigers collected titles in men's and women's soccer, as well as volleyball and finished in second in football, men's cross country and women's cross country for 190 total points. This was 55 points ahead of second-place Colorado College.

Three teams battled for second place, with Colorado College, Southwestern University and Texas Lutheran University all within a five-point margin. Colorado College has 135 points, Southwestern recorded 132.5 points while Texas Lutheran has posted 130 points.

Austin College is currently fifth in the Presidents' Trophy standings with 95 points, followed by the University of Dallas with 72.5.

Schreiner University and Centenary College round out the eight SCAC members with 42.5 and 32.5 points, respectively.

2016-17 SCAC Presidents' Trophy - Standings


The symbol of conference supremacy is the 300-pound railroad bell which was donated to the SCAC by the Norfolk and Western Railroad. This bell, the "Presidents' Trophy", is a rotating award and goes to the school with the best overall sports record for the year.

The bell has been a part of the conference since its inception in 1962. In fact, the first conference logo, when the league was known as the College Athletic Conference, has the image of the bell incorporated into it.

The Presidents' Trophy is displayed for one year on the campus of the school with the combined men's and women's athletics program that accumulates the highest points total in the all-sports race.

The system used for distributing Presidents' Trophy points was tweaked beginning with the 2010-11 academic year. Points will now be awarded from the bottom up, instead of the top down as had been the case. A last place finish in any particular sport is worth 5 points with points being awarded in five point increments for each place, up to first place.



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