Alexis Coronado, Schreiner University, Women's Volleyball

Alexis Coronado, Schreiner University, Women's Volleyball

ALEXIS CORONADO OF SCHREINER UNIVERSITY, a sophomore on the women's volleyball team from Laredo, Texas, has been selected the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference (SCAC) Character & Community Female Student-Athlete of the Week for the week beginning December 3.

The SCAC Character & Community award honors the efforts of student-athletes who excel in the field of athletics, and also serve their campus and community. 

Coronado finished her second season with the Schreiner volleyball team this fall.

“Alexis’ immense dedication is obvious in all of her endeavors," said Schreiner head volleyball coach Alyssa Hanley. "The same energy and passion she displays on the court can be seen in every other aspect of her life. Alexis has not only led her team by example in the gym but has also chosen to help lead others through mentorships and overall kindness. She does all of this while maintaining a 4.0 GPA."

A Cellular Biology major, Alexis earned a 4.0 in both semesters of her first year at Schreiner. Due to her success in the classroom, she was accepted into the Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Society, and was then voted as Vice President of the Society.

With her focus on academics, Alexis was able to become a notetaker on campus, to help other students excel in the classroom. During her first year on campus, at a club fair, there was an opportunity to mentor local elementary school students. Alexis was able to work with the same student for the semester and was able to build a relationship with that individual.

In her junior year of high school, Alexis began shadowing a pediatrician in her hometown. She has continued working with him, as well as patients and other children while on breaks from school. This experience has helped Alexis realize that she wants to pursue becoming a pediatrician.

This academic year, Alexis applied and was accepted for a STEM research position on campus. The position is molecular based and offers her a hands-on experience working with DNA. She is currently helping to create a mutant transgenic fly.