Tori Fleharty, University of Dallas, Women's Soccer

Tori Fleharty, University of Dallas, Women's Soccer

TORI FLEHARTY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF DALLAS, a senior on the women’s soccer team, has been selected the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference (SCAC) Character and Community Female Student Athlete of the Week for the week beginning November 27, 2017.

The SCAC honors the efforts of student-athletes who excel in the field of athletics, and also serve their campus and community.



Fleharty played as a goalkeeper for the Crusaders all four years. In addition to her commitment to the program, the Richmond, Texas, native has been a senator for Student Government Association (SGA) the last three years.

"Listening to my constituents and relaying those problems or compliments to my fellow senators and executive council in the hopes of fixing the problems or continuing the good work,” Fleharty stated when discussing her responsibilities. “In student government I am a co-chair of the Clubs and Organizations grant committee. In that committee we get requests from clubs that are in need of extra funding and then, if the funding is approved by student government, we will that club extra funding. I also help out with the Student Concerns committee as well as the Sunday Sundaes committee.”

Fleharty is majoring in Politics with a Pre-Law Focus. She is the Vice President of the Pre-Law society.

“This society helps students who are thinking about a career in the realm of law,” Fleharty explained. “We bring in lawyers, professors, law schools, and people who work in politics. We had our very own Professor Skinner J.D. speak about his career as a lawyer and his time in law school.”

Additionally, the organization has helped coordinate bringing in law schools to speak to students about what the application process is like, what the schools are expecting of the students, and how the students can stand out in the process.

Fleharty referenced how the group “recently brought in Ryan Young, who is a campaign manager for Pete Sessions. He spoke about his current career and how he went from law school to working in the world of politics.”

“I love the University of Dallas and am really happy to be a part of it,” Fleharty concluded.