Allison Seager, University of Dallas, Volleyball

Allison Seager, University of Dallas, Volleyball

ALLISON SEAGER OF UNIVERSITY OF DALLAS, a junior volleyball player, has been selected as the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference Female Character and Community Student-Athlete of the Week for the week beginning on April 4, 2016.

The SCAC honors the efforts of student-athletes who excel in the field of athletics, and also serve their campus and community.



Seager volunteers for the Missionaries of Charity, who have a women’s shelter, the Our Lady of Guadalupe home in Dallas. Seager typically works on projects that they have going on for that particular week. “The Missionaries are very involved in the surrounding community, Seager explained. “For instance, during Christmas they have an angel tree to make sure every family gets the Christmas gifts they need. Volunteers help them wrap gifts.”

A couple weeks ago before Easter, volunteers decorate Easter bags for the children. During the summer they have a vacation Bible School, and Seager has aided the organization in preparing for that.

Seager has been volunteering at the shelter since this past summer. She was in Rome last spring as part of the Rome Program that the University of Dallas offers, and first encountered the religious order there. Seager was familiar with Missionaries of Charity and knew about Mother Tereas, who founded the religious order. She had an opportunity to volunteer with them a couple times in Rome. Seager stated, “Coming back to the US, I discovered there are actually Missionaries of Charity right here in Dallas, and I started volunteering with them.”  

“The Missionaries, wherever they go, serve the poorest of the poor in their respective cities. Mother Teresa started originally in India, but now they serve in cities all over the world.” Seager continued, “The goal of the house in Dallas is to provide support for pregnant women who do not have anywhere to go and who might otherwise feel pressure to have an abortion for fear of not being able to support themselves and the child while they are pregnant and shortly after. Additionally, they are involved in the surrounding parish community, providing not only monetary support, but also great spiritual support.”